The legal costs of the client can often be covered via the legal expenses insurance which normally is included in the house insurance. If the terms are applicable, the insurance company may – subject to application – grant the client so called legal security, which covers the client’s legal expenses except the own contribution. We check always with the client, if sh/he is able to use the legal security in their matter. Our office makse the declaration and applies for the legal security for the client’s behalf.

Base on their economic or judicial status, the client may be entitled to a public legal aid. Public legal aid is either entirely cost-free for the client or the client may receive legal aid with certain percentage of own contribution. If the client fulfills the requirements, it is also possible to receive legal aid to cover the own contribution of the legal expences insurance. We check together with the client, whether she/he is entitled to legal aid and we apply for the aid on the client’s behalf. The Legal Aid Offices determine, whether the legal aid is granted or not.

The fee of our office is based on the quantity and quality required by the assignment. Our hourly rate is normally EUR 248 per hour (value added tax of 24 % included) and the minimum charge is 0,25 hours. Special complexity of the assignment may raise the hourly cost, but it is always separately agreed with the client. Hourly charge at court is EUR 272,80 per hour (value added tax of 24 % included).

In the assignments, in which the legal aid is applied, our fee is based on the government decree on legal aid fee criteria. At the moment the fee is EUR 136,40 per hour (value added tax of 24 % included).

More information on the legal expenses, legal fees, public legal aid and legal expenses insurance is available on the websites of the Finnish Bar Association.